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[audio]IUMA: Independent Film
It's music for music lovers. Please don't limit us to our listed influences, our collections grow mutch deeper. We were once called The Film. The name has changed, the band hasn't. If you would like to sign up for our mailing list e-mail Captancatfish@yahoo.com. We have a demo of 13 songs done by Greg and I (Joe) and 6 more (2live) done by all of us (in other words with Luke and Nate too). Is that enough? Ok, how's this...
Keywords: Independent Film
Downloads: 44
[movies]G-Sale (Episode 2) - Podcast ready
Episode 2 of a series of excerpts from the award-winning indie comedy film G-SALE. More info at gsalemovie.com
Keywords: comedy; independent film; mockumentary
Downloads: 893
[movies]The Gods Looked Down and Laughed - Matt Wilkins
Silent black and white comedy about a family's camping ineptitude.
Keywords: independent film; comedy
Downloads: 219
[movies]Alice - Les Circonstanciels
winning entries of the 2880 Film Blitz (www.2880.ca)
Keywords: independent film awesome
Downloads: 123
[movies]Hometown Teaser - Michael Witzcak
Teaser trailer for the independent film 'Hometown'.
Keywords: independent film trailer
Downloads: 95
[movies]Hometown Teaser - Michael Witczak
Teaser trailer for independent film 'Hometown'
Keywords: independent film trailer
Downloads: 73
[movies]Jan Zanek Disparait - Dada
winning entry of the 2880 Film Blitz (www.2880.ca)
Keywords: independent film awesome
Downloads: 319
[movies]pop tart
I filmed this video because i was bored but I meet Mr. Pop Tart who is the founder of the pop tarts
Keywords: evan kostelka; independent film
Downloads: 165
[movies]G-Sale (Episode 1) - Podcast ready - Bogwood Films
G-SALE is an award-winning independent comedy about garage sales and people who are obsessed with them. Compared favorably to "Best in Show" and "Waiting for Guffman," G-SALE played to sell-out crowds at film festivals across the world. The story takes place in Bogwood, Washington, a pleasant suburban community with a special distinction. It has more garages per capita than any other town in America...
Keywords: comedy, mockumentary, independent film
Downloads: 298
[movies]Film Blitz - Film Blitz
winning entries of the 2880 Film Blitz (www.2880.ca)
Keywords: independent film awesome
Downloads: 683
[movies]A Film Noir by Alex Jayner - Alex Jayner
The picture may be black and white but the message isn't so simple. A solo project.
Keywords: independent film noir
Downloads: 560
[movies]Apartment 9 - Amy Lee Schelling
Independent film, dramatic, ambiguous, mystery
Keywords: Independent film; dramatic; ambiguous; mystery
Downloads: 165
[audio]Off the Grid: Truly Independent Film Reviews - planet E productions, inc.
Off the Grid is a podcast which recommends truly independent, usually unknown films and videos which are primarily distributed directly, through the world wide web. Only really remarkable videos will be reviewed for this podcast.
Keywords: independent film; video; adrenaline; extreme video
Downloads: 87
[movies]Eargasm - David Quantic
A man enjoys cleaning his ears a little TOO much.
Keywords: gay lesbian queer independent film body hair
Downloads: 481
[movies]Apartment 9 - Amy Lee Schelling
Independent, ambiguous, 5 minute short.
Keywords: Independent film; abstract; Amy Lee Schelling
Downloads: 92
[movies]Angie Gregory Director Demo Reel (Long Version) - New Plan Productions
Independent Film Director, Angie Gregory's demo reel (long version). Clips are from 4 short films, all written & directed by Angie Gregory. Gone Like Solomon (2007), Scoreboard (2007), Please Check One (2007) & Goodbye Wendell (2009).
Keywords: Angie Gregory; Demo Reel; Director; Independent Film
Downloads: 80
[audio]Feature Film Editing and Kickstarter - Coffee and Celluloid Podcast EP02 - Coffee and Celluloid
In this episode Joey Daoud, Cherie Saulter, Andrew Hevia, and Carlos Rivera talk about the editing of Cherie's first feature film and the project funding website Kickstarter. Guide: 1:17 - Discussion on Film Runtimes 5:06 - Editing while Shooting 11:48 - Set Paperwork 15:53 - Existential Editing 21:00 - Film as Architecture 22:54 - Kickstarter
Keywords: podcast; film; filmmaking; Kickstarter; fundraising; independent film
Downloads: 209
[audio]Full View Radio 9 - Independent Filmmakers - Full View Radio
Guests Jane Clark and Keith Carter discuss their careers as independent filmmakers.
Keywords: Jane Clark; Keith Carter; Independent Film
Downloads: 44
[movies]Neolith Pinhole - Chad Schneider
A delusional young woman creates a not- so-elaborate scheme to transform the telecommunications industry.
Keywords: Short Film; Independent Film; Student Film
Downloads: 308
[movies]Richard O'Connell on ITVS - ITVS
Richard O'Connell, associate director of production at ITVS, tells us why he believes that ITVS is important. Richard Saiz, Director of Photography. Recorded at ITVS in San Francisco on May 31, 2006. Go to http://www.itvs.org to join the conversation.
Keywords: ITVS, Independent Film, Filmmaking, Underserved audiences
Downloads: 183 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Treasure in the Ruins - Amin Wahidi
A young filmmaker from Kabul asked me to post this compressed version of his first short feature film. TREASURE IN THE RUINS, a mother tells her daughter a bedtime story of treasure buried under Kabul 's war-torn ruins. A search entails. Directed by Amin Wahidi, Afghanistan, 2007. http://www.aminwahidi.blogspot.com/
Keywords: Kabul; Afghanistan; Amin Wahidi; Independent Film; Indie
Downloads: 313
[movies]Jim From Divernon
Take a ride through rural Illinois with an odd young man and his best friend.
Keywords: Short Film; Independent Film; Student Film
Downloads: 427
[movies]Dead Man Drinking - Rohan Harris
Dead Man Drinking is a full-length independent feature-film released for free under a creative commons 3.0 license. A discussion by friends with long-winded histories and a love of drinking results in four of them running off to house-sit for a long weekend while playing Killer, a schoolyard game where each player has to "take out" targets over a period of time using everything from water pistols to bits of cardboard with "sword" written on them...
Keywords: comedy, drinking, games, independent, film, australian
Downloads: 4,641 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Leema - Mehdi Zafari
LEEMA, the story of a Kabuli girl and her blind parents, directed by Mohammad Mehdi Zafari, Afghanistan, 2007. Theme (from Mohammad Mehdi Zafari email to Prof. Pocock): The theme of the film is related to a four and half year old child called Leema , whose parents are blind. Leema and her parents are living in Kabul's Disabled Center. Leema’s father is an English teacher in a School for the Blind in Kabul...
Keywords: Kabul; Afghanistan; Mehdi Zafari; indie; Independent film
Downloads: 147
[movies]The Lucifer Complex
From IMDB: An intelligence agent discovers a Nazi plot to revive the Third Reich by using clones.
Keywords: Robert Vaughn; Sci-Fi; Independent Film
Downloads: 1,097 (2 reviews)
[movies]El Grosso - Three O' Ten Films
A young rookie under-cover cop by the name of Lance has been told by Sgt. Groper that his first real mission is a sting operation on two Mexican marijuana dealers. The unsuspecting Rico Suave and his brother 'Speedy' Gonzalez are too burnt out to realise that their new 'buyer' Lance is wired and tapped like it's going out of style and way too white to be kickin' it with the "homies".
Keywords: El Grosso; comedy; independent film; three o ten; funny
Downloads: 172
[movies]Lorem Ipsum, Part 2 of 15 - David Huth
This is part 2 of a 15-part story released in series through my videoblog. A new part will be released every few days. When the last part is released, the whole story will be available for download from this site.
Keywords: lorem; ipsum; dave; david; huth; davemedia; death; independent film; movie
Downloads: 300
[movies]Lorem Ipsum, part 1 of 15 - David Huth
This is part 1 of a 15-part story released in series on the Internet. A new part will be released every few days, and when the last part has been released the whole story will be available for download. More information: http://davemedia.blogspot.com
Keywords: david dave huth lorem ipsum independent film movie
Downloads: 322
[audio]Jon Reiss Interview - Coffee and Celluloid
Jon Reiss has become one of the main voices on DIY and alternative distribution (along with Ted Hope). He's a filmmaker and the author of the book Think Outside the Box Office, an invaluable resource for anyone who's made or (more preferably) is thinking about making a film. In the podcast we talk about different distribution options, alternative screening venues, building an audience, the closing of B-Side Entertainment, Tribeca's VOD announcement, and more...
Keywords: interview; independent film; jon reiss; distribution; marketing; filmmaking
Downloads: 216
[movies]60 Minutes - Good To Go Productions
Satire of 60 Minutes. Note that this is our most explicit film-- it's very racy in language and subject matter-- but it's all joking- no one at Good To Go is anything remotely like the featured character
Keywords: good to go productions; independent film; parody; satire
Downloads: 139
[audio]Team Conversion visits CJLO
Director Dominic Marceau, Writer/ Actor Kate MacDonald and Actor Paul Ash talk to CJLO's Beautiful Music For Ugly Children about their upcoming film Conversion
Keywords: Conversion; movie; Dominic Marceau; Kate MacDonald; Paul Ash; independent film
Downloads: 56
[movies]what goes around - trailer #1 - Rod Pitts/ Nazeeh Majeed
What Goes Around - Teaser Trailer #1
Keywords: independent film; Memphis; romantic comedy; Rod Pitts; Nazeeh Majeed; trailer
Downloads: 246
[movies]The Case of the Missing Redwoods - 7years
Bo Deeno, a country space detective combing the hinterlands of a crime-free Earthworld, stumbled upon (with his partner, Pete) a missing grove of redwoods. This improvisation was shot in 2 hours, and has a running time of 4 minutes, 41 seconds.
Keywords: Bo Deeno; Scott Caplener; independent film; surreal comedy
Downloads: 531
[audio]CC Smiley Review - Creepercast.com
Smiley (2012) is a slasher/new urban legend fim that pays homage to Scream and Candyman. Brought to us by director Michael J. Gallagher and writers Ezra Cooperstein (story), Michael J. Gallagher, Glasgow Phillips. Smiley stars Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Roger Bart, and Keith David.An old urban myth gets a new twist and goes viral! "After discovering an urban legend of a demented serial killer, who has nothing but a carved 'smiley' on his face, a mentally fragile teen must dec...
Keywords: Horror; Creepercast; film review; independent film; Smiley; Michael J. Gallagher
Downloads: 175
[texts]A Sad State of Affairs (screenplay) - M.A. Lanoue
Screenplay for 2009 comedy feature film. The Guy loves vaudeville. Sandra hates solar panels. They meet at a motel and kind of hit it off.
Keywords: comedy; screenplay; independent film; A Sad State of Affairs
Downloads: 191
[movies]Attention Seeker - teaser trailer 1 - Phil South
The first teaser trailer for the first feature film by Phil South, a fictionalised documentary about life in a fast brain. ADHD, Mexican masked wrestlers and serial killers all collide in 12 stylised and highly original parts. The film was made with a cheap HDV camera, a DSLR with no movie capability and a brand new 2010 iPod Touch with HD movie recording. The music is a collage of styles, ancient synthesisers, folk music, ambient sounds and music by Anonymous Bosch, The Sinatra Test and other u...
Keywords: attention seeker; independent film; fictionalised documentary; adhd; experimental
Downloads: 159
[movies]Lecture: Film Direction by Pavel Bardin - theoryandpractice.ru
In the framework of the educational campus How To Make Your First Film? famous russian film director Pavel Bardin tells you how to make a movie, how to work with actors, writers, producers and operators.
Keywords: filmmaking; first film; direction; russian film school; VGIK; independent film
Downloads: 96
[movies]Valery Todorovsky talks about directing - theoryandpractice.ru
In the framework of the educational campus of the "How to remove his first film?" director Valery Todorovsky tells you how to find the actor for the role, as well as about the differences between the independent and commercial cinema.
Keywords: filmmaking; first film; russian film school; VGIK; independent film
Downloads: 81
[movies]Quiet Hours - Rachel Beede
I made this video for a class project. My topic was Perception, and I attempted to create a brief video dealing with this. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to get actors, so it is mostly voice-over, but I hope to change that and use this idea in a larger film some day.
Keywords: perception; depression; home movie; independent film; art film
Downloads: 1,590
[audio]Talk About Films independent and foreign film discussions
The San Fancisco base independent and foreign film discussion group talks about various independent and foreign films.
Keywords: independent film; independent; foreign; foreign film; cinema; discussions; discussion; talk
Downloads: 6,180
[movies]Evel Knievel
Found this one on Google(As PD). Evel Knievel (1938-2007) From IMDB: Biography of the famed motorcycle daredevil, much of which was filmed in his home town of Butte, Montana. The film depicts Knievel reflecting on major events in his life just before a big jump.
Keywords: Biopic; Biography; George Hamilton; Evel Knievel; drama; independent film
Downloads: 13,255 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Aspect Ratio - MVFF October 9th, 2010
John Morrison does his first interview of the 2010 Mill Valley Film Festival with Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto on their film "Trust". NOTE: The music by Abraham Inc. is used under the protection of the Fair Use Doctrine for the purposes of education, illustration and comment.
Keywords: aspect ratio; bay area; filmmaking; independent film; california film institute; marin tv; marintv; cmcm; interview
[movies]Alternative Views #537: SLACKERS ALL: AN INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD LINKLATER (PART II) - Frank morrow
Conclusion. Copyright August, 1995 ******************************************* * Note: * The Alternative Information Network * address in the video is no longer in use. *******************************************
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; independent film
Downloads: 245
[audio]Rag Radio 2010-09-21 / Film actor Sonny Carl Davis - Rag Radio with Thorne Dreyer
Sonny Carl Davis is a film actor, a musician, and a screenwriter. He played a redneck entrepreneur in Texas filmmaker Eagle Pennell’s The Whole Shootin’ Match and played memorable roles in Last Night at the Alamo and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He also had featured parts in Thelma and Louise, Melvin and Howard, and a supporting role in Red Headed Stranger with Willie Nelson. Sonny was also a founding member in 1968 of Austin’s legendary Uranium Savages, a theatrical rock group that playe...
Keywords: Rag Radio; Sonny Carl Davis; Thorne Dreyer; Independent Film; Actors; Musicians; Uranium Savages; Austin; Sixties
Downloads: 52
[movies]Filmmaker Summit: Introduction and Discussion
Discourse related to creation, distribution, and engagement around independent film. Filmmaker Summit: Introduction and Discussion  Lance Weiler — The WorkBook Project  Brian Newman — Consultant  Peter Baxter — Slamdance  Paul Rachman — Slamdance Filmmaker Summit, hosed by Slamdance,  Workbook Project, and the Open Video Alliance Held 11:03 am MST on 23-January-2010 Treasure Mountain Inn, Park City, Utah The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of Slamdance...
Keywords: open video; video platforms; audience engagement; independent film; branded content; transmedia; Slamdance; open meeting
Downloads: 67
[image]Sane - Ambient Soundtrack
International Anthem presents: "Sane". An ambient soundtrack for a non-existent film. Musical genres in this release include: Acoustic, Ambient, Dark Ambient, and Electronic. All tracks created at the age of 20.
Keywords: International Anthem; Ambient; Music; Drone; Dark Ambient; Electronic; Acoustic; Soundtrack; Sane; Independent Film
Downloads: 60
[audio]CAMPcast Episode 6 - The CAMP Project/Dakota Julian
Episode 6, the lost episode, is just another one of those fun episode where we babble. We are currently waiting on the capture card to start recording the machinima. We did have a lot of fun recording this one though! Host: Dakota Julian Co-host: Brandon Elder Co-host: Patrick Stanberry Co-host: Nathan Elder
Keywords: camp zombies undead war military task force movie independent film action thriller good plot
Downloads: 16
[audio]CAMPcast Episode 5 - The CAMP Project/Dakota Julian
Episode 5 of the CAMPcast is the biggest one yet! Major CAMP news is revealed plus we have the current full-set of actors on the show! Host: Dakota Julian Co-host: Brandon Elder Co-host: Patrick Stanberry Co-host: Nathan Elder Co-host: Dylan Covert Co-host: Tyler Drain Co-host: Robert Lux Actor who says hey: Ryan Gramlich
Keywords: camp zombies undead war military task force movie independent film action thriller good plot
Downloads: 34
[audio]CAMPcast Episode 4 - The CAMP Project/Dakota Julian
Welcome to another episode of the weekly CAMPcast! This time we bring a new actor to the show who has a lot of questions about the movie. Host: Dakota Julian Co-host: Brandon Elder Co-host: Nathan Elder Co-host: Patrick Stanberry Co-host: Quint Lasater
Keywords: camp zombies undead war military task force movie independent film action thriller good plot
Downloads: 30
[audio]CAMPcast Episode 3 - The CAMP Project/Dakota Julian
Episode 3 of the CAMPcast is another information-filled episode about The CAMP Project's upcoming film, CAMP, featuring the same hosts from last week! We bring back the "Ask the Director" segment. The episode isn't as long as the others due to meetings we had to attend to. Host: Dakota Julian Co-host: Brandon Elder Co-host: Ryan Gramlich Co-host: Patrick Stanberry Co-host: Nathan Elder Co-host: Dylan Covert
Keywords: camp zombies undead war military task force movie independent film action thriller good plot
Downloads: 5
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